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Getting to Minneapolis

The Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport(MSP) has two terminals:

Terminal 1: Lindberg
Air Canada
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
Continental Airlines
Delta Airlines (HUB)
Frontier Airlines
Great Lakes Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways

Terminal 2: Humphrey
Air Tran Airways
Iceland Air
Southwest Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Sun Country Airlines

Getting from MSP Airport to Minneapolis

To get between the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport and Minneapolis, it is most convenient to take public transport, the train, which locals call the light rail.
It is also possible to take a taxi (approx $30) or an airport shuttle (approx $20), but the train (approx $2) is likely faster and certainly more comfortable.

Taxi route from MSP to University of Minnesota

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From Baggage Claim to Light Rail Train Station and to Campus

The following is a description of how to travel from the airport to downtown by train. The description makes the trip look much more difficult than it is since it is written in (possibly annoying) detail.
Note to past attendees: the Light Rail is now complete and DOES go all the way to campus.

  1. From the baggage claim level of the airport (one level lower than the arrival level) go down one more level still and follow the signs to the Tram. (This Tram will take you to the transit center. The transit center is the location of the light rail station.)
  2. Get on the Tram. It goes in one direction only and does not take long.
  3. When the tram stops you should get off, because you are in the transit center. Follow signs to the light rail station. You go down one floor and buy your ticket from one of the vending machines (it will be either $1.75 or $2.25, depending on whether you are traveling in rush hour or not.)
  4. After you purchase your ticket, go down one more floor to the train platform. Wait on the side marked "to Minneapolis".
  5. Take the train Northbound to the Downtown East Station & Platform.
  6. Once at the Downtown East Station, trasnfer onto the Eastbound Green Line train heaing to Saint Paul.
  7. Take the Green Line to the University of Minnesota- East Bank Station.
  8. More Directions to Light Rail written by the Airport.

Here is a list of taxi companies. Uber is also available in Minneapolis.

If you are driving, look at this campus parking map for nearby ramps.